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Visio Divina through Film

5:00pm - 8:00pm   |   retreat

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5:00pm light supper followed by 5:30pm Film: Mary and Martha

The film tells the story of two very different women, Mary and Martha, who both lose their sons to malaria. Mary is an overly protective American mother. After her young son and only child, George is bullied by classmates, she decides to pull him out of school and take him on an extended trip to Africa. While there, he is bitten by a mosquito, contracts malaria, and dies. In the midst of grieving, Mary decides to return to Africa after George's funeral where she meets Martha, a British woman whose grown son, Ben has also just died of the same disease. Touching story of women dealing with grief at the death of their children. Film length: 1 hour, 34 minutes Fee: $15

Visio Divina is scheduled on evenings following Come to the Quiet on selected months. A growing spiritual practice of Visio Divina allows us to sink into God’s presence through visual stories of redemption, transformation, awe, beauty and diverse family stories

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