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Come to the Quiet– Praying in Nature

9:30am - 3:30pm   |   retreat

Leader: Pat Shea

How often we can take for granted the air we breathe, the earth we tread upon, the trees and grass, flowers and birds that surround us.  Praying in nature—walking in a park, sitting under a tree, boating on the river, riding a bike—can inspire us in new ways to recognize and become one with the indwelling Divine Word of creation. Lunch included. Fee: $20

Come to the Quiet is an opportunity to enter a day of peaceful, spiritual refreshment. The day begins with a short reflection on ways to engage with and respond to the Divine Word that comes to us in so many ways—a word, holy text, a poem, a piece of art, music, others, nature. Following the short reflection is quiet time to use as you choose. A nutritious seasonal lunch is served at noon and after lunch, continued quiet time. The day ends with a short sharing session.

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