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Voices Serving the Holy in All

Mar 29 5:00pm - Mar 31 11:00am   |   retreat

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A Singing Retreat with Songleader Liz Rog

Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center, Wheatland, Iowa

Beginning Friday, Mar 29 5:00pm with supper and opening circle (see schedule below) 

Ending Sunday, Mar 31 with an 11:00am closing circle

...morning, afternoon, and evening song circles interspersed with ample time to walk, relax, visit, and enjoy meals together...  

Fee: $125 for 2 nights and all meals / $45 commuters, including all meals 

Register at link above or call 563-336-8414 for more info or to register by phone

Watch a video of Liz teaching a song. Here’s another

Learn more about oral tradition singing in this article, Singing as Breath and Food

Then the singing enveloped me. It was furry and resonant, coming from everyone's very heart. There was no sense of performance or judgment, only that the music was breath and food.” -- Anne Lamott

For those who have always loved to sing, AND for those who always wished they could, this retreat welcomes all ages, abilities, genders, levels of experience, and spiritual backgrounds. Liz will teach all songs by ear and you’ll be singing in no time! Come share in the joy of singing together in an environment that is supportive, safe, and fun. 

Traditional cultures have always known that group singing has a power unlike any other to bind people together. There is an ancient African concept, ubuntu, which speaks of our interconnectedness and interdependence. It means “I am because we are.” Nowhere is this more evident than in singing together; through group singing, people experience joy, a sense of success, and an expression of shared meaning. Through group singing we'll deepen our sense of communion with each other and our sense of sanctuary for all our spirits.

Liz Rog is a songleader in the global Ubuntu tradition which welcomes all voices to weave songs and community. Liz delights in helping people rediscover their ancestral birthright of group singing. She lives in the Driftless of Northeast Iowa and enjoys traveling to other towns and regions to help in the re-seeding of the earth with songs for renewal

Weekend Schedule 


5:00 opening circle

6:00 supper

7:00-8:30  evening singing


8:00 breakfast 

9:00-10:30  Circle of song

10:30-11:15 pause for walking, resting

11:15-12:30 Circle of song

12:30 Lunch and time for relaxing, walking, conversing, or quiet

2:30 Circle of Song

4:00 pause for walking and resting

4:30 Circle of Song

6:00 Dinner

Evening:  the group will choose activities according to our needs at that point. Possibly: singing, night walks, conversation circles, poetry sharing, quiet time...


8am Breakfast

9:00 Circle of Song

10:30 pause

11:00 Closing circle