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Aging as a Spiritual Journey

9:30am - 3:30pm   |   retreat

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Nancy Hemesath

Upon retirement new spiritual opportunities and challenges arise. This day will point the way to a fruitful “third chapter;” a precious life rich in God’s grace. What is it that we want to take on this journey and what do we leave behind? 

Fee $20 includes meal

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The "first half of life" creates the container for living -- education, career, relationship building, and family choices. The encore, or the "second half of life," is about filling the container with meaning and purpose that satisfies the desires of our hearts. Retirement provides the freedom to focus on what is more important to us and to fulfill our whole being. Nancy facilitates the clarification of life's purpose and supports hopes and dreams that fulfill each unique person.

"Retirement is a word that needs to be challenged in a society where most people still have energy and vitality for LIFE beyond the nine-to-five job. Don't look at this phase of life as the beginning of the end, " Says Nancy. "This is the time for holistic development of those parts of our lives we have neglected because of the demands of our responsibilities. If we choose, this can be the richest phase of our lives."

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"When I wondered what my life might be like after retirement, Nancy helped me to see the possibilities. She gave me tools to help see my strengths, explore my accomplishments, and envision contributions I can make as I transition into this next phase of my life. Nancy's coaching skills are an enormous benefit to helping me make th is transition gracefully and consciously." -Karen Grigsby