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Beauty of Autumn Skies: Moon, Planets and Solar System--REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.

7:00pm - 10:00pm   |   retreat

THIS RETREAT IS NOW AT FULL CAPACITY. Please join us another time.

We will enjoy the beauty of the night sky as revealed on autumn evenings.This year, the solar
system is prominently on display. The night of the retreat, the Moon is at 1st quarter, which is the
optimum time for observing it. With a telescope, we will see the craters that were formed by
asteroid impacts billions of years ago, and see the location of the first Moon landing in 1969.
September 2020 will be optimum for seeing planets; Jupiter and Saturn will be at their best in the
early evening. A telescope will show us the four large moons of Jupiter, discovered by Galileo in the
1600s, the famous ring of Saturn, and Saturn’s moon Titan, the only moon in the solar system with
a heavy atmosphere. Finally, we will see Mars, which is approaching opposition, or its closest
approach to Earth for the next two years. We will see the surface of the planet that hosts several
spacecraft trying to determine if life ever existed there.

Free Will Offering

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Led by Dr. Steven Spangler, Ph.D

Grew up in Swedesburg and later Houghton, Iowa. Graduated from Saint John’s School, Houghton, Iowa in 1968.
Attended University of Iowa for B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. Staff scientist at National Radio Astronomy
Observatory, 1976 – 1982. Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Iowa since 1982.