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Wholeness and Healing in the Prairie

9:30am - 3:30pm   |   retreat


The bustle of our fast-paced lives often creates a mental state that is reflected in our troubled landscapes: stressed, fragmented, disconnected, over-managed. We are drawn to peaceful places where healing is found, where we can become more whole, psychologically, physically and spiritually. Landscapes also seek wholeness through ecological resiliency and a heartfelt dance of interdependent relationship with visitors. Mutual wholeness can be created together.

We invite you to walk through the prairie in a slow, relaxed way that helps still your mind, enjoy the present moment, recharge and reduce stress. Playful, exploratory activities will deepen your relationship with nature to enhance personal wellness while simultaneously benefiting the health of the prairie.

Please plan to stroll a short distance outdoors on relatively level ground. Dress appropriately for the weather and for sitting in the prairie. Small sitting mats will be provided. Please bring items for your comfort: water bottle, insect repellent, hat, long pants, walking stick, full-length mat or portable chair. If desired, bring materials for sketching or writing. Walking without electronic devices is recommended. A mindful walk through the prairie to remember all the mystery, wonder and possibility that life has to offer. Through an immersive, heartfelt experience, you will learn how finding personal wholeness also helps you play an integral role in the healing of our planet. Participants of all mobility levels are welcome and will be accommodated during this slow stroll. Fee $20 includes meal.

Register online at link above or call 563-336-8414.

All activities will be held outdoors. Lunch will be served inside with the option (and encouragement) of eating outside. Social distancing will be practiced and wearing masks while indoors is encouraged

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Fred Meyer founded and directs Backyard Abundance, a nonprofit that helps people create environmentally-beneficial landscapes. He has organized dozens of engaging, experiential events demonstrating how to use nature’s principles to design resilient, beautiful landscapes at residences, acreages, parks, schools and businesses. He is a certified Permaculture Designer, certified Teacher of Permaculture, Master Gardener, Master Conservationist and Toastmaster. Learn more about Backyard Abundance at