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this virtual retreat is now closed: COVID-19: Dress Rehearsal for the Climate Change Crisis?

10:00am - 12:00pm   |   retreat

Deadline for Registration:  July 1, 2020. 

Registration is now closed.

COVID-19 and climate change are both capable of changing lives, economies, and societies overnight. This and other features makes them strongly similar. But they also differ in important ways: COVID-19 came on like a firestorm, fast a furious. Climate change in contrast grinds forward like a glacier, strong, slow and relentless. When COVID-19 struck Iowa in March, Connie, who regularly writes and speaks on climate change, thought that a comparison of these two major crises would be worth examining. In doing so, she realized that the COVID-19 pandemic could be beneficial, if we allow it to reshape our climate-change mitigation efforts. Her journal article on this subject will be published in July. Join her and others in a Zoom talk on the comparison, followed by time for you to ask questions on the talk and other questions you may have on climate change. No fee; free-will donation.

Connie Mutel is the author of several environmental books including A Sugar Creek Chronicle: Observing Climate Change from a Midwestern Woodland and The Emerald Horizon: The History of Nature in Iowa. Connie is a frequent speaker on Midwestern environmental issues. She's also on the OLPR Advisory Committee and a regular visitor to the prairie. Sharing her passion for the natural world is, she feels, a major part of her Christian calling.