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Photography for Beginners

3:30pm - 5:30pm   |   retreat

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Come learn to be the next Ansel Adams! Learn about cameras, lighting, scenery and how to set up the perfect shot. Come with your own camera, no matter what kind it is. Merlyn uses a Nikon D7200. This retreat will be held each of the four seasons close to sunset to capture the perfect picture!  Fee: $20

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Leader Merlyn Law

Merlyn has been a nurse for 52 years, raised a family of four children, and is now enjoying her grandchildren and great granddaughter. She has been taking pictures of her own children growing up with a Praktica 35mm manual camera purchased from Alden’s catalog. She went digital about 12 years ago, joined a camera club in which she learned a lot. Her advice is to “practice, practice, practice.” She loves to take candid pictures of people, sports, wildlife, flowers with butterflies or perhaps a rare hummingbird or moths. She is quick to point out she does not like bugs!