Lissie and Johnelle

The Sisters of Humility hope to create for themselves, and those around them, a climate of freedom and acceptance, forgiveness and encouragement where each can develop the self God calls her to become.

Whether in a Los Angeles apartment house, a “teacherage” on a Montana Indian reservation, a residence for the retired or a white frame house on a quiet street in Iowa, one or several sisters is living out a contemporary religious lifestyle that not only fulfills her needs as an individual but also enriches the lives of those she meets every day.


With the freedom to choose one’s professional and apostolic work comes also the freedom to develop a lifestyle to meet the needs of one’s temperament and personality. Each sister is encouraged to express her uniqueness through:

  • individual choice of dress;
  • development of personal skills or hobbies;
  • participation in local educational or recreational programs.
  • “Community” thus becomes a web of relationships, with people coming and going, sharing ideas and opportunities in everything from yoga to pottery, gardening to making music. True community provides each person the stimulation and support that makes a zest for life possible in the day-to-day routine.


Rosa Mendoza receives the 2013 CHM Peace & Justice Award

The Humility dedication to peace and justice is an active commitment. Whether the cause is immigration reform, environmental clean-up, breast cancer awareness or the passage of a local city council measure for affordable housing, Humility members and associates are often in the center of critical social, political and civic issues with many providing leadership, both local and national.

CHMs embrace life-long learning. Whether living alone or with others, each assumes the responsibility to build and nourish the life of the group, thus enriching the society it was established to serve.


Des Moines GirlsAs years pass, changes in ministry give each member the opportunity to tap hidden gifts. An elementary teacher discovers a gift for calligraphy; a health care professional unearths a talent for gardening; a college history teacher contributes to global peace-making through guiding tours to Russia and Eastern Europe. Abilities may change, but CHMs believe that every moment of life on earth is an opportunity for ministry.

And finally, there is time to explore one’s relationship with God and to pray for others. Sisters living at the Humility of Mary Center see themselves as a virtual “prayer factory,” with a bulletin board full of intentions outside the chapel and special times of prayer in addition to the Daily Office. Volunteerism is also a high priority for many Sisters of Humility.