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150 Years.

Emmy-winning journalist and author Cokie Roberts presented "Nuns in American History: Women of Conscience and Courage in March 2014 in celebration of the Sisters of Humility 150th Anniversary of ministering in the United States.

Earth as our homeEarth as Our Home Booklet: Too often when we hear the word 'house' we only think of a physical building and its rooms. But what if we began to think of Earth as our house - with various rooms - what would we need to do to make this 'house' a true 'home?'  The Catholic Sisters for a Healthy Earth have prepared a reflection booklet on the various rooms of a house, placing each room and its activities into the broader context of our Earth-home. The booklet is available as a free download by clicking here.


Sister BernadineSister Bernadine Pieper, CHM (1918-2000) - A quintessential Iowa woman, Sr. Pieper was a nationally renowned scientist and educator. She devoted her life to disenfranchised, low income and often marginalized people. She is a 2013 honoree on the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge that spans the Des Moines River. The bridge, located on Des Moines'  Principal Riverwalk, displays the names of Iowa women of history who have made outstanding contributions to society.

How CHM Associate Melissa Smith and her foster mom, Sister Johnelle Howanach, beat the odds of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and became advocates. "Lissie completed twelve years of special education and then two more years at a vocational education school called Secondary Life Skills. She was just short of 6 years old when she met Sister Johnelle, a Catholic nun who was to become her “permanent foster” mom, a woman she lives and works with and refers to as “mom.” Read the whole story....


The history of women's religious communities during the past 50 years is only now being written. Kathleen Mullen, a former CHM sister, wrote "One Among Many," which details the transformation of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary in the wake of Vatican II.

The book explores how in the 1960s, after a thoroughly collaborative process led by a brilliant and courageous woman, Sister Bernadine Pieper, the Sisters of Humility renewed their mission to serve the poor and disadvantaged persons, pursue justice and peace, and promote the care of Earth.

"One Among Many" published in 2012, is available for purchase on-line through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. All proceeds will go to support the work of the Sisters of Humility.

"Spirit of the Prairie: Catering to the Soul"  Vol II - a cookbook featuring delicious recipes served at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat - a ministry of the Sisters of Humility near Wheatland, Iowa.

"Spirit of the Prairie: Catering to the Soul" contains a short history of The Prairie Retreat, thoughts on ways to honor food, how to eat in a manner that is good for Earth, and extra pages filled with substitutions, equivalencies, helpful hints and much more. The cookbook is priced at $10.00 and can be purchased by calling 563-336-8414 or e-mail [email protected]


Sisters"Sisters" is a one-hour documentary film that takes the audience into the life stories of five American nuns. A film about faith, hope, and love seen through the eyes of five women who have committed their lives to the service of others in the deepest way. How do they experience the presence of god? How did they come to embrace this life and its sacrifices? What happens when they fall in love? What happens when they experience cruelty an death--the loss of a mother, the merciless randomness of a child's cancer? What is the anchor of their faith? Through the vivd prism of these women's lives, we experience the profound hopes and yearnings of the human spirit, the risks and rewards of a generous heart.

Women & Spirit."Women & Spirit - Catholic Sisters in America"- Discover a world few have seen, but millions have shared. Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America DVD is a remarkable resource for providing education on the life of women religious and their contributions to this nation from 1727 to the present.This is a resource that has been proven valuable for use within religious institutes, as well as in churches, schools, chancery offices, vocation offices, women’s groups, libraries, an more. Proceeds from the sale of the DVDs go to support LCWR's mission of service to Catholic sisters serving in leadership today.

On the DVD is a 56-minute documentary, narrated by Cokie Roberts, that chronicles the story of women religious in this country. Also on the DVD are a film study guide and images and videos from the Women & Spirit traveling exhibit.

Band of Sisters."Band of Sisters" - The Remarkable Journey of Catholic Nuns in the United States. "Band of Sisters" tells the story of Catholic nuns and their work for social justice after Vatican II of the 1960s. For Catholics who wonder what became of the nuns they knew in habits and convents many years ago, for activists who may feel profoundly discouraged given the problems of today's world, for women seeking equality in their church, and for people of all faiths yearning for an inclusive and contemplative spirituality, Band of Sisters challenges us to ask what really matters in life. And as we seek what matters, how do we go about changing our lives and the world around us?