Shared visions create a culture of leadershipThe government of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary is designed and structured so that all may recognize and respect the rights of one another and work in harmony to achieve congregational goals. Leadership is expected not just from those elected to office but from all members whose lives daily witness to the mission of the community:

To be attentive to the call of the spirit in the signs of our times, especially the needs of the poor and the powerless.

"It takes much patience, tolerance, and commitment to produce informed, competent future leaders for the congregation."

This quote is from an article on how the Sisters of the Humility of Mary have planned for the future to enhance leadership skills among sisters and associates. Read more...


Day to day administration is the primary ministry of the CHM president, vice-president and a three-person cabinet. Elected every four years by the community at large, the team acts on behalf of the congregation in the public arena and, within the community, inspires and fosters spiritual and apostolic vitality, quality community life and faithfulness to the CHM charism and mission.


Assembly.Many community programs and priorities are initiated through volunteer standing committees or community small groups. Through periodic gatherings for “real conversation,” community members are able to share at a deep level, their concerns, hopes, fears and dreams.


Sisters of Humility are women of many talents, both collectively and individually. Their Annual Assembly, held each June, is a potpourri of creative experiences, bringing together young and old, conservative and liberal, pioneers and the not-so-daring for several days of brainstorming and sharing in all aspects of life from art and music to sociological trends, philosophy and new forms of prayer.

Celebration and personal sharing are an important part of the meeting and through the days of being together the group takes its temperature and pulse and charts the direction of future community orientation.


It is the Representative Assembly, convened every four years, that officially determines the future directions, priorities and programs of the Congregation. Composed of any vowed member who chooses to participate, the Representative Assembly is a prayerful and reflective process that empowers the group to evaluate the past and make the best decisions for the next four years.


  • Expand and extend our charism and mission by inviting and welcoming new members.
  • Promote non-violence as a way of life to bring about justice for all persons and creation.
  • Foster understanding and appreciation to enable new cultures to evolve.