As a common courtesy to each other, and in an attempt to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, we ask that all of our guests adhere to life's Golden Rule - treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. This simple gesture is a common thread that crosses the boundaries of all religions and faiths. While at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, please help us navigate Covid-19 by implementing God's Golden Rule. We suggest you go to to check on the latest CDC guidelines which we encourage you to follow.

If you have questions contact 563-374-1092 or [email protected]

Masks will be provided upon request.

Guidelines for Walking at The Prairie during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We welcome you to enjoy our beautiful grounds and ask that you follow the requested guidelines for the health and safety of all persons associated with Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat.

1. Contact The Prairie at 563-374-1092 to make a reservation for the time you plan to be there. Regular programs and retreats will have preference for use of the grounds.
2. Be aware that the buildings are not available for your use.
3. When walking, please maintain a distance of six feet apart from other persons not in your group.
4. You walk at your own risk; be aware of uneven ground, beehives and other possible dangers.

Thank you. Have a pleasant and relaxing outdoor experience!