The Congregation of the Humility of Mary and Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat are following all CDC and State of Iowa COVID-19 guidelines to minimize the risk of transmission. However, the COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period, which suggests that carriers of this virus may not show symptoms but may still be highly contagious. Even after following all set protocols, it is still possible to contract COVID-19.

We ask that guests at the Prairie practice the safety measures of wearing masks and social distancing. If you have questions contact 563-336-8414 or [email protected]

Please refrain from attending any Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat events if presenting any of these symptoms on the day of the event:

Please refrain from attending any Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat events if:

Guidelines for Walking at The Prairie during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We welcome you to enjoy our beautiful grounds and ask that you follow the requested guidelines for the health and safety of all persons associated with Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat.

1. Contact the OLPR Director at 563-374-1092 or [email protected] to make a reservation for the time you plan to be there. Regular programs and retreats will have preference for use of the grounds.
2. Be aware that the buildings are not available for your use.
3. When walking, please maintain a distance of six feet apart from other persons unless you are people who share the same household.
4. You walk at your own risk; be aware of uneven ground, beehives and other possible dangers.

Thank you. Have a pleasant and relaxing outdoor experience!