Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat (OLPR)

January - December 2024 Fee Schedule

*Sponsored Retreat: planned and promoted by OLPR.

*Hosted Retreat: planned by an individual or group that coordinates with OLPR.

Hosted and Sponsored Retreats:

Overnight lodging price: $50.00

Meals: Breakfast- $8.00, Lunch- $12.00 and Dinner- $20.00

Hermitage use: $60.00/night

OLPR Sponsored Retreats per person cost:

One-day including one meal: $40.00

Two-hour session with no meal: $25.00

Overnight retreat including meals: $100.00

Weekend retreat, arrival after 3 pm Friday and departure Sunday at 11 am; includes meals:

                        For those spending two nights: $175.00                        

Online Retreat Fees:

$25.00 – ½ day     $30.00 – full day    $35.00 – 1 ½ days     $50.00 – Weekend

Hosted Retreats:

Same lodging and meal recommended above with the addition of:

Use of kitchen fee: $25.00

If meals are provided (Minimum = 4 persons), the additional cost would be per meal per person.

            Use of facility fee: $20.00 per person

For a one-day retreat, the retreatant brings her/his own food.

Hosted one-day group retreats will pay the $20.00 per person plus lunch. Arrival time is usually around 9am and departure around 3pm.

If the hosted group is staying one night or more, it is not charged the day retreat fee of $20.00 per person. The arrival time is after 3 pm and departure by 11 am. When the group chooses an earlier arrival or a later departure, there is a charge of $20.00 per person.

Scholarships are available for all sponsored and private retreats.

Please contact the 563-374-1092 or [email protected] for more information regarding fees and scholarships.


Fee Schedule for 2022 (click to download a printable copy)