Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat (OLPR)

Fee Schedule for January – December, 2021 (click to download for printable copy)

*Sponsored Retreat: planned and promoted by OLPR.

*Hosted Retreat: planned by an individual or group who coordinate with OLPR.

Hosted and Sponsored Retreats:

Overnight lodging price: $50.00

Meals: Breakfast- $6.00, Lunch- $8.00 and Dinner- $12.00

Hermitage use: $60.00/night

OLPR Sponsored Retreats per person cost:

One-day including one meal: $30.00

Overnight retreat including meals: $80.00

Weekend retreat, arrival after 3 pm Friday and departure Sunday at 11 am; includes meals:

                        For those spending two nights: $150.00

                        For those commuting: $60.00

Online Retreat Fees:

$20.00 – ½ day     $25.00 – full day    $30.00 – 1 ½ days     $50.00 – Weekend

Hosted Retreats:

Same lodging and meal recommended above with the addition of:

Use of kitchen fee: $25.00

If meals are provided (Minimum = 4 persons), the additional cost would be per meal per person.

            Use of facility fee: $20.00 per person

For a one-day retreat, the retreatant brings her/his own food.

Hosted one-day group retreats will pay the $20.00 per person plus lunch. Arrival time is usually around 9 am and departure around 3 pm.

If the hosted group is staying one night or more, they are not charged the day retreat fee of $20.00 per person. The arrival time after 3 pm and departure by 11 am. When the group chooses an earlier arrival or a later departure, there is a charge of $20.00 per person.


Scholarships are available for all sponsored and private retreats. Please contact the OLPR Program Assistant at 563-336-8414 or [email protected] for more information regarding fees and scholarships.