The seeds of a reflective life have always been present in human culture. Even before Jesus invited his disciples to “follow me,” women and men withdrew from the hubbub of life to nourish their souls and to share what material goods they had with those who had less.

The two-thousand year history of religious life in the Catholic Church is filled with examples of women and men who gathered together to draw closer to God through community life, prayer, and ministry to others. Since Vatican II (1961-1965) religious life has evolved and changed dramatically but the core values of the three religious vows - poverty, celibacy and obedience - remain.

CHMs are a member of the Dubuque Area Vocation Association (DAVA). DAVA members recognize the baptismal call of all Christians and reach out to encourage those who feel called to religious life. Download DAVA information here....

Religious life in the 21st Century values freedom and individuality, honesty, openness and genuine concern for the welfare and health of every member. It requires people who have a sense of self and who seek a lifelong relationship with God as integral to their human growth and development. What CHM’s call their “charism” can be summed up in the phrase: Search & Service.
Recognizing the many opportunities available now for women and men to serve God in today’s world, the Congregation of the Humility of Mary offers two ways of living out an association with the Congregation:

Travel along with Sister Lynn Mousel as she discerns her call to religious life.