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Walsh Maryantoinette

Sister Mary Antoinette (Anna) Walsh

July 31, 1884 - February 3, 1966   |   Passed On

Sister Mary Antoinette was born in Pottsville, PA and her family moved to Ottumwa when she was a child.

Sister was the first of three Walsh sisters to join the Congregation of the Humility of Mary. Throughout her life she was a teacher in public and parochial schools staffed by CHMs.

After joining the Sisters of Humility in 1906, she graduated from St. Joseph Academy, Ottumwa and received her BA from St. Ambrose College.

She and her sisters were very devoted to one another. The year before she died  Sr. Mary Antoinette went to be with her sister, Sr. Mary Louise, who was superior in Lewistown, MT. Sr. Mary Antoinette died in Lewistown on February 3, 1966, was transported by train to Ottumwa where she was laid to rest. Sister Mary Margaret Walsh was her other sister in the community.


St. Patrick, Melrose

St. Peter, Cosgrove

St. Mary, Marshalltown

St. Joseph, Fort Madison

St. Anne, Ottumwa

St. Joseph, Parnell

St. Mary, Centerville

Sacred Heart Convent, Great Falls, MT

St. Pius X, Des Moines

St. Leo, Lewistown, MT