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HHSI to Acquire St. Mary's Property

December 10, 2020   |   Humility Homes and Services, Inc

We are very excited to announce that Humility Homes & Services, Inc. will buy the former St. Mary’s Catholic Church property in Davenport to provide housing opportunities and services to individuals experiencing homelessness.The purchase of the property, that includes four buildings on 4.5-acres of land, is made possible by the generous legacy of a donor to the Congregation of Humility of Mary (CHM).

"The CHM leadership determined the wishes of the donor of benefiting the housing program could be fulfilled by transferring the bequest to Humility Homes and Services, Inc. for the purchase of the property," stated Sister Mary Ann Vogel, President of the Congregation. The new location will be named "Jubilee Campus" honoring the sisters of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary who began their work to end homelessness in the Quad Cities area over 30 years ago with the purchase of the first property that housed single mothers and their children.

The former St. Mary’s church building, built in 1867, will now be the home to the Fresh Start Donation Center, a 6,541 sq. feet building where the participants of HHSI can get everything they need to start their lives over and establish their new homes at no cost. This center will be open to the ones in need from the community and will also host the benefit sales that  quad citizens have grown to know and love.

This is a great opportunity to centralize HHSI operations in the community that we serve, reducing barriers and making it accessible for participants due to the proximity to the emergency shelter and other housing units.

The old rectory will house eight women who have experienced homelessness as part of their mission focused housing program through the rental of affordable low-barrier, single-room occupancy units. These homes will be ready for move-ins before the end of the year. The former school, will still be open for community gatherings and serving the Hispanic community in the neighborhood. Lastly, the administrative offices will move from their 3805 Mississippi Ave. location to the former convent located at 519 Fillmore St.

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