A Quilt of Prayers


Sister Donna standing next to the CHM Quilt that hangs in Humility of Mary Center. 

I see my  ministry of prayer as one small quilt piece of its own color and design. It is combined with many quilt pieces made by thousands of people, adding to the beauty of this quilt presented to our God in praise, gratitude, asking forgiveness, requesting mercy and our concerns. This is a most vivid picture in my mind.

Over the  years I've grown in appreciation of praying with others and in just silently being with the loving Spirit - (letting God love me as I am) and in praying with all creation - plants, animals and with all people in their many different ways. Prayer forms have changed from the reading of prayers that someone else wrote to many ways of letting Scripture lead me into prayer, as well as ideas in a book, newspaper or from someone with whom I am visiting. Because of recent science experiments concerning how energy moves thoughts, feelings and ideas, and present studies on love as an energy, such as God's love, it is with joy and peace I feel prayers are heard.

The prayer experiences especially meaningful to me are group shared discussions of Scripture readings,  a loved one's death and the after-death experience of new life (resurrection).

Sister Donna's quilt piece reads "Bonded together CHMs - Sharing gifts - Making a difference." In the CHM Quilt Booklet Sister Donna describes the meaning of her block: "Women in a design, reaching out to one another came from a quote of Rosemary Haughton, 'Real change comes from people working together - using imagination and choice - imagining a different future, choosing to make it a reality.'"

The quilt is made of blocks created by CHM sisters in the year 2000. This prayer was said upon its completion: "We ask God's blessing on this quilt of myriad colors and unspoken stories created by many hands. May this quilt always remind us of the need we have for one another as we journey together throughout life into this new millennium."