A Selfie with Sister Pat

Lisa Martin

Currently we are in the 5th month of the Year of Consecrated Life (YCL) and the 2nd week of National Women's History Month (NWHM) which is also officially National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW). Did you get all that?
For the CHM sisters this week is their annual silent retreat at Humility of Mary Center. It is a very focused and prayerful time. No talking in line. Therefore, unlike some congregations we are not celebrating NCSW publicly. However, I've produced several short videos, like the one above thanking CHM sisters, which are featured this week in posts on facebook and twitter.  Plus you can find them all on our Youtube channel. 

A Selfie with Sister Pat
NCSW also suggested we post "sister selfies" this week. That's me there with Sr. Pat the Cat at a hat party the sisters threw a while back. You see, the sisters do the work of the gospel and still find time for some fun!

Pope Francis proclaimed 2015 a Year of Consecrated Life - it's purpose being to "Make a grateful remembrance of the recent past, while embracing the future with hope and living the present with passion." The Sisters of Humility plan a variety of events throughout this year to help people learn about their consecrated life by sharing experiences of prayer, service and community.

Next up will be a concert in April "Songs of the Universe: Peter Mayer in Concert." Peter's music evokes a sense of spirituality and a feeling that the world is a sacred place - totally in alignment with the CHM mission of caring for Earth. Proceeds will benefit the CHM ministry Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat. Future YCL events can be found on the CHM website calendar.

We are so happy to be on this side of winter with a wonderful year ahead.