Accept the Challenge

Lisa Martin

For the last 25 years I've worked in communications primarily for non-profit organizations. In this way I have often contributed to the benefit others - making me a very happy individual! 

Working with the Sisters of Humility, also a non-profit, is a blessing. I'm now a cog in this particular wheel that focuses on the less fortunate in society.

Humlity of Mary Shelter, Inc., caring for those wihtout homes in the Quad Cities
Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc., caring for those without homes.
Recently, the good sisters engaged in a challenge grant to benefit Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc. (HMSI), an emergency shelter for men and women. They hope to raise $250,000 by April 30, 2014. 

Plus, the sisters will match $100,000 of the funds contributed by others. Wow. Generous. Loving. Gospel work.

It  should be a priority for individuals, companies and groups in our community and beyond to get in gear and contribute. Wouldn't it be awesome to exceed the goal that the nuns are aiming for!?!

Standing in the women's residence
 area is Sister Nancy Schwieters,
 a volunteer at HMSI.
Donating = happiness

To see how close the sisters are to their goal and to donate visit the HMSI website.

As Pope Francis recently tweeted: Let us contemplate the humility of the Son of God born into poverty. Let us imitate him by sharing with those who are weak.