CHMs on the Bus!

Lisa Martin

Sister Simone Campbell with CHM Sisters Jeanie and Elaine Hagedorn.
Today I received this e-mail from CHM Sister Justine Denning which gave me a good laugh: 

"Am not in Des Moines today but pulled down the  KCCI news and the headlines are  "Vice President in Iowa Now to Kick off Nuns on Bus Tour" Somebody better come to their rescue!!!?????"  I sure do love a nun with a sense of humor! I am happy to report that it is a pretty common thing around here.

But seriously, Social Service Sister Simone Campbell's  Nun's on the Bus tour kicked off today in Des Moines. If you aren't aware of what this is all about, be sure to read the above link which is in Sr. Simone's own words. What a wonderful ministry of working for the people and actually affecting change! 

How exciting for my CHM community that three of our CHMs (whose own personal life ministries of social justice are truly inspiring) will be riding along during the Iowa leg of the journey with the main message of: "Vote! And Don't vote alone! Encourage and help others to vote! Be a part of our democracy. It is what we need to 'form a more perfect union.'"

VP Joe Biden 
Two years ago, on the first Nun's on the Bus tour, CHM Sisters Jeanie and Elaine Hagedorn became Simone's Des Moines contacts and personal assistants and a true friendship was born. What a gift that Simone invited them to ride along this week. Sr. Mary Bea Snyder, CHM, is also along for the ride. Bea is my social media helper and will be texting me photos during the week. These photos of the bus and VP Biden are the first she has sent to me. I hope to be tweeting some as they continue on this important journey!

Nun's on the Bus has been a part of my world since it's inception in 2012. Prior to the full blown publicity of the initial tour, 100+ communicators that belong to the organization Communicators for Women Religious (CWR) received an e-mail looking for images for the exterior of the bus. I sent a photo of Sr. Marilyn Shierbrock, CHM, in a pink shirt working with the "Kids Against Hunger" program and was pretty much amazed when it showed up on the side of the bus!
Sr. Marilyn Shierbrock, CHM, on the side of bus in 2012
To keep pace with the tour here are a couple of links: