Healing Petals

Lisa Martin

Sr. Elizabeth Thoman, CHM, displays her "Healing Petals"
at Bucktown Center for the Arts in Davenport, Iowa.

The nuns I work for never cease to amaze me and Sister Liz Thoman, CHM, is one of many examples. After surviving a battle with breast cancer in 2004 and a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, she has returned to her first passionphotographylinking it with her long-time exploration of feminist theology, Buddhist philosophy and holistic spirituality.

Sr. Liz's work is entitled, Healing Petals, a collection of unique photographs to stimulate meditation, reflection and prayer. Having known first hand the effects of pain and illness on the everyday ability to just function, her goal is to bring affordable beauty to those in pain, explore alternative ways of prayer and reflection and inspire new ways to connect with the Divine.

Sr. Liz recently moved from Los Angeles to the Humility of Mary Center in Davenport...just in time for Christmas! She is now displaying her Healing Petals at Bucktown Center for the Arts, where it is available for purchase with proceeds benefiting Humility of Mary Shelter. Now here is a gift that just keeps on giving!