Imagine the Sweetness

Lynn Mousel News

Our lives have changed so much in the last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of my thoughts and reflections. 

With my ministries as coordinator of membership development and an associate co-leader, I have been working from home as much as possible. I miss the in person contact with CHM sisters, associates and staff. Yet it has been an opportunity to expand our use of ZOOM video conferencing as a way to connect. Last week a number of CHM sisters from around the country and Mexico connected by ZOOM. (that is me 2nd row from left, 3rd down). It was uplifting as we were able to enjoy “seeing” one another and hear how each has been doing.  Some shared prayer requests for those close to them significantly impacted by COVID-19. 

Also, it has been a joy to participate in a scripture study group with our associate candidates. These times have lent themselves to looking at scriptures with new eyes. Whether in person or on zoom, we are on the journey together.The photo below shows CHM residents watching from the Magnificat Chapel.

There are so many lessons from this period of time that I am sure will deepen in the coming days, weeks and months. Just one is the invitation to look at what is essential in our lives. Just a month ago, the ability to travel, attend events in the community, and go to Mass were a given.  There was no concern to hop in the car and go to the grocery store or my favorite restaurant for whatever I wanted. As the weeks have passed, I have a deeper appreciation for what a privilege all of that is. I have realized I can not only survive staying at home, but enjoy it, granted with some restless feelings at times. It has been a joy to have more time to cook healthy meals at home. Participating in online Masses, I have felt in solidarity with the rest of the world not able to gather together to worship and receive communion. I can’t imagine the sweetness and rejoicing when we are able to be together again. Experiencing a slower pace of life is an opportunity to live in a more contemplative manner, which is certainly a gift. 

It goes without saying that the CHM community and I pray daily for those impacted by COVID-19, especially by illness, loss of loved ones, job loss, or other significant life disruptions. I am grateful for health care workers, grocery store employees and others who continue to serve us (including our CHM staff), facing the risk of COVID-19 to themselves and their families. As the Easter season begins, we are in a time of darkness. Yet knowing of the Resurrection, we believe in the presence of the Risen Jesus and can be hope for one another. My biggest hope and prayer is that the world will have a greater sense of our inter-connectedness, and that we will find better ways to live in keeping with this unity we share. 


Herky helping me work from home!