Kindness: Get in the Habit

Lisa Martin

The Catholic Sisters of the Upper Mississippi River Valley is a group of 12 communities of which the Congregation of the Humility of Mary (CHM) is a member. These 12 communities are spread from La Crosse, WI, to Rock Island, IL, and their communications directors, including me, have a collective mission to spread the Gospel message in the 21st century and raise awareness of Catholic sisters and the work they do.

Since November, in anticipation of National Catholic Sisters Week.(March 8-14) we communicators have been collaborating on a project called “Kindness: Get in the Habit”. This comprehensive marketing campaign encourages kindness among all people. It serves as a response to the intolerance and violence that continues to grow in the world – environmentally, politically, ethnically, socially and economically and is a call to join us in being in right relationship with all creation.

In a world where exclusion and violence increase, it is essential that hospitality, compassion and kindness be nurtured with ever greater commitment. The "Kindness" campaign is both a response to the incivility that continues to permeate talk shows and social media, and a call to Gospel values such as caring for the poor. As we work to change policies, we can also make a difference one person at a time. We have the ability to make strides daily in small ways.

The "Kindness" campaign was designed to cross generations. It is reaching audiences via billboards, traditional media, social media, in Catholic schools and in movie theaters where the ad above is playing and where Sisters promoted kindness in the lobby. In addition, the campaign materials were shared with the Communicators for Women Religious (CWR). Many members of CWR adapted the "Kindness" materials and shared them around the nation and world.

Kindness at the Movies

Check out the CHM Facebook and Twitter accounts to see more of the kindness we've been spreading. And in that spirit I give you this "Kindness" book mark - print and share it if you like.

Remember to be kind every day and thank those you see who are being kind...kindness IS what binds us.

 Photos: A "Kindness" billboard in downtown Davenport, IA.  In the movie lobby Sisters Greta, Catherine, Mary Ann and Johanna greeted movie goers with "Kindness" mints, stickers and prayer cards.