Nuns are Women of Conscience and Courage

Lisa Martin

Cokie Roberts speaks at St. Ambrose Davenport, Iowa.
Cokie Roberts is a big fan of women religious as she was taught by them and credits them for her success. She narrated a wonderful documentary entitled "Women and Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America" that I think everyone should see and understand what great contributions these holy women made and continue to make.

Cokie came to Davenport, Iowa, and helped us kick off the Sisters of Humility celebration of the 150th Anniversary of setting foot in the USA.  
A selfie with Cokie. She said it was her first!

She gave a talk entitled  "Nuns in American History - Women of Conscience and Courage," in which she reflected on just a few of the many orders of religious who have defied the odds and made impacts on U.S. history never seen in history books. There was a good deal of personal stories too and her sense of humor had me in tears.

Here's a 1:10 minute video clip with Cokie talking about CHMs.

To  watch the entire 35-minute talk produced for the St. Ambrose Univ. Lecture Series click here:

Nuns in American History - Women of conscience and Courage."

Cokie is genuinely a nice person. She was so very gracious to visit the Humility of Mary Center, share breakfast with the retired sisters who live there and to pose for a selfie with me!