Prairie's Autumn, A Concert


Prairie’s Autumn, A Concert

A hushed audience is seated

Grey-hairs with feathery dos

Yuppies with vertical spikes

There are golden plumes

And brown tailored suits

And dark green dresses

            sporting big pink blooms

Ushers, solid as stone sentries

            ring the stage

Tall graceful artists

Wearing khaki pants

And russet shirts

perform a silent choreography

as cicadas carry their tune

Music floats on air

            caressing away concerns

Hardy feathered friends trill a

            chirpy a cappella to the

leaves soft-shoe dance

Sunlight plays among the trees

creating moving pictures on the lawn

Our beautiful performance never ends

Sun and Season change the melody

Mother Earth performs her concert daily

An open heart pays the ticket

It is directed by:  The Source of All

Lyrics written by:  Meditation & Contemplation

Score inspired by:  Spirit of Serenity

PLE, Positive Love Energy is the choreographer

            She’s felt, not seen

Our lead soloist:  Peace Herself

And her supporting cast:  rolling hills, walking paths,

            stately and small shrub trees,

            pollinators, blue stems, and butterflies and bees

            and a lush garden harvest

Our Prairie concert is proudly sponsored by

            Sisters of Humility

            and Retreatants,

            like you.

Thank You.

Poem by Linda, a frequest visitor to the Prairie and captures all the fall beauty in this poem...

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