Sister Roberta Throws a Fit

Roberta Brich

Humility of Mary Center, Davenport, Iowa

The following text is from a recent letter posted on the Humility of Mary Center (HMC) community bulletin board by Sister Roberta Brich, CHM, who is co-director of formation for the Sisters of Humility -- she is a resource for those interested in religious life of any kind. Sister Roberta was the congregation's president for four years and prior to that enjoyed a ministry in education and conflict management. 

Sister Roberta throws a fit.

Dear Sisters,

Many thanks for the beautiful birthday cards, well wishes and prayers.

I consider it part of the "hundred fold" of belonging to a community of wonderful women! Your thoughtfulness, not only in my birthday greetings, but in so many other ways throughout my comings and goings here at the Center, is appreciated.

I had an opportunity to meet over at the Benet House in a round-table discussion with four vocation directors from other religious communities and five women interested in religious life. One of the questions we were asked is what is the hardest part of being a nun? Without exception, the answer was living in community with so many other women! But without exception it was also considered our greatest blessing. All of you are part of that "blessing." Thank you!!!

By the way, if you ever feel like throwing a fit when someone really gets under your skin, see me. I have a "fit" you can throw. Thanks to the person who gave me such a delightful surprise!

I love you,