Social Media for the Greater Good

Lisa Martin

Working in communications for and with women religious is different than in any other arena. Sisters can be very humble about tooting their own horn! But they are aware of the need to be current with how things are done.

Each year I attend  the Communicators for Women Religious (CWR) conference for professional development. One of the great benefits of the meeting is networking with peers. Evenings are special as we soak in the environment while bonding as friends and continuing conversations that enable us to come home with fresh ideas and perspectives. 

This year CWR celebrated it's 20th anniversary in Long Beach, CA. The theme for the week was Advancing Mission Through Storytelling and Visual Media. We're talking a big focus on social media (we were tweeting everyday#CWR20). There is so much info out there and not enough time to read, therefore, we learned much about creating short videos and infographics.

The CHM sisters' focus on aiding the powerless in our community had them establish Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc. in Davenport, IA. Maybe for that reason, or because it is just such powerful stuff, one presenter I cannot forget is Mark Horvath and his Invisible People ministry. What a testament to perseverance and the use of social media for awareness and the greater good.

I plan to take what I've learned to tell more stories about not only what the Sisters of Humility are currently doing for people and Earth, but also their incredible legacy. And I must do this using pictures that I now know, because of our wonderful brain capacity, are worth 60,000 words.