The Youngest Nun

Lynn Mousel

Sister Lynn Mousel is a vowed member of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary. At 41 she is the youngest sister in the CHM community. The following post is by Sr. Lynn:

The Sisters of Humility follow the principle of self-determination, which "allows members of the congregation the freedom to develop their gifts and to minister in the manner to which they feel called by the Spirit. It implies a balance and harmony between individual freedom and responsibility to the congregation." I am a nun and a psychiatrist; my ministry is seeing both children and adults at a state-wide mental health organization which also provides services for the developmentally disabled.

Growing up I thought that I would get married and have children. But God called me in a different direction! You can hear about my vocation story and the process of becoming a sister by watching the video I made prior to my final vows in May 2011. I moved from Des Moines, Iowa, to Great Falls, Montana, shortly thereafter. Although, the CHM home base is Davenport, Iowa, the Sisters of Humility have a long history of service in Montana.

Lissie, Sister Johnelle and Sister Lynn selling Luv Yums at a farmer's market
In Great Falls I live with another member of the CHM community, Sister Johnelle Howanach, and her foster daughter Melissa (Lissie). Lissie is 36 and has a developmental disability due to fetal alcohol syndrome. Sr. Johnelle encouraged Lissie to start her own business, Lissie‚Äôs Luv Yums, baking gourmet dog biscuits! Please check out their website and consider treating your dog and at the same time support a worthwhile ministry.

In future posts to "A Nun's Pocket" I look forward to sharing how I balance prayer, ministry and community life.