Lori Freudenberg provides spiritual direction at OLPR

February 29, 2024   |   Joyce Bieber

Lori Freudenberg, OLPR Program Coordinator, receives her Spiritual Direction certification.

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Congregation of the Humility of Mary Celebrates the Next Step in Jennifer Hager's Journey towards Vowed Membership

September 26, 2023   |   Joyce Bieber

A ceremony will be held on October 12 at 11 a.m. at Humility of Mary Center in Davenport, Iowa, marking the transition from the affiliate phase to the novitiate phase for Jennifer Hager.

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Film Screening of "The Letter: A Message for our Earth" to be shown in DeWitt

September 8, 2023   |   Joyce Bieber

A movie screening of “The Letter: A Message for our Earth,” will be held at DeWitt Opera House Theatre in DeWitt on Sunday, September 10 at 1 p.m. The screening is free and open to the public. No registration required.

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CHMs and CHM Associates celebrate Jubilee

June 6, 2023   |   Joyce Bieber

CHMs and CHM Associates will celebrate jubilees at a special Mass of celebration on June 25.

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Sisters of Humility 2022 Jubilee Celebration

July 5, 2022   |   Lisa Martin

The Congregation of the Humility of Mary (CHM) celebrated the Jubilees of five vowed sisters and two associates at a special Mass of celebration at Humility of Mary Center in Davenport, Iowa, on Sunday, June 26 at 1:30 pm. Rev. Msgr. Francis Henricksen was the celebrant at the liturgy honoring the following Jubilarians:

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HHSI Expands its Dream With Comfortable, Affordable Housing

March 31, 2022   |   Barb Arland-Fye

“Jesus reminds us that we are called to care for each other. Humility Homes and Services is one way the CHM sisters responded to that call in relation to the most vulnerable among us,” Sister Rickl said. “Lack of affordable housing is a great injustice in our Quad-City community. We are grateful that so many people have come forward to be partners in our dream of securing a home for every person. Their support allowed a leap from the first year’s four families housed to last year’s more than 1,100 persons served by HHSI. With continuing partnership from generous donors and these grants, the dream goes forward.”

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Not For Sale – Stop Human Trafficking

January 21, 2022   |   Jonathan Turner

Attacking Trafficking, a local group dedicated to ending human trafficking, has partnered with the Congregation of the Humility of Mary to sponsor new panel ads on a Davenport Citi Bus as a way to combat the demand for purchasers of sex.

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CHMs Elect New Leaders

December 23, 2021   |   Lisa Martin

CHM officers and members of the leadership team will assume their responsibilities in January 2022. They were elected during the congregation’s representative assembly this past fall. Sister Johanna Rickl will serve as president; Sister Marcia Eckerman, vice president; and Sisters Mary Bea Snyder, Lynn Mousel and Mary Ann Vogel will serve as cabinet members.

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Sisters reflect on St. Mary as an example of humility and grace

November 29, 2021   |   Lindsay Steele

The world today may seem filled with uncertainty and division, grief and loss, but Advent offers Christians and all humankind a sign of hope and joy, said Sister Jeanie Hagedorn, CHM. Advent, the Latin word for coming, is “a much-needed reminder to our world that light follows darkness, love overcomes hate, and life lives within each of us. … Like Mary, we are called to bring it to birth in our time.”

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Sister's Ministry: Pen Pals on Death Row

October 28, 2021   |   Barb Arland-Fye

Sister Dolores Schuh, CHM, read a small item in a newsletter inviting readers to write to some of the most forgotten people in the world, prisoners on death row. The item on the back page of the Oblates of Saint John’s Abbey newsletter provided a list of about 12 names. She chose one that she could pronounce and remember, Danny Frogg, a death row inmate since 1998 at Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina. The two pen pals have been corresponding since 2012.

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HHSI, Catholics collaborate to offer affordable housing

September 16, 2021   |   Barb Arland-Fye

HHSI builds relationships through collaboration, the foundation of its vision to ensure “a home for every person.” This year, HHSI has added 22 new units of affordable housing by collaborating with benefactors and with another nonprofit organization that provides job-training skills in construction for individuals striving to put their lives in order.

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CHM sisters, associates celebrate milestones

September 2, 2021   |   Lisa Martin

The Congregation of the Humility of Mary is celebrating the jubilees of six sisters and two associates. The community invites the public to send cards to Humility of Mary Center, 820 W. Central Park Ave., Davenport, IA 52804. The community will celebrate a private Mass later this month.

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CHMs celebrate 50 years of associate program

August 12, 2021   |   Lindsay Steele

Last month, the Congregation of the Humility of Mary (CHM) and their associates celebrated the 50th anniversary of the CHM associate relationship program. Associates are women and men, single or married, seeking a deeper spiritual existence and a way to participate in the vision, spirit and ministry of the congregation without becoming fully vowed members.

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Bearing Witness: Committed to reducing gun violence

August 6, 2021   |   Anne Marie Amacher

For the past year, concerned citizens have gathered to pray with others for an end to gun violence and to support neighbors where gunshots have been fired.

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Prairie Memorial Garden

May 28, 2021   |   Sr. Margaret Kruse

Our Lady of the Prairie Memorial Garden has been blessed and is situated in the open space beyond the Labyrinth and inside the Stations of the Cross circle. This sacred space of prayer and meditation is a fitting location to honor deceased loved ones with ties to Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat.

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