Repair Our Democracy

January 8, 2021   |   LCWR

We are deeply concerned about the state of our country and the future of our democracy. Our hearts ached as we watched these despicable actions that threaten not only to destroy the seat of our government but to rend the bonds that unite us. We commend and thank the members of Congress who courageously continued their service to the nation even amid the chaos. In our increasingly divided nation, we renew our commitment to the common good and pledge to take up the challenge to use our energy to repair our democracy and contribute to the work of building a more perfect union. We invite all people of good will to join us and we call on our elected leaders to point the way.

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HHSI to Acquire St. Mary's Property

December 10, 2020   |   Humility Homes and Services, Inc

We are very excited to announce that Humility Homes & Services, Inc. will buy the former St. Mary’s Catholic Church property in Davenport to provide housing opportunities and services to individuals experiencing homelessness.The purchase of the property, that includes four buildings on 4.5-acres of land, is made possible by the generous legacy of a donor to the Congregation of Humility of Mary (CHM).

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Childhood experience inspires sister’s work with immigrants, migrants

October 8, 2020   |   Lindsay Steele

Sister Irene Munoz has worked to bring about change—particularly in the lives of immigrant and migrant women. Her mission is and always has been to show them that their voices and their lives are important and worth fighting for. Sister Irene was featured in the 2018 book “Amazing Iowa Women,” an illustrated guide to some of Iowa’s most extraordinary women. In March 2020, she received the Barbara Boatwright Lifetime Achievement Award at the Emerge Iowa DAWN awards. In August 2020, the USA TODAY Network recognized Sister Irene as one of 10 Women of the Century from the state of Iowa

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Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Responds to Corona Virus

July 16, 2020   |   Sr. Margaret Kruse

We will not go back to the old normal after this pandemic — and many of us may not want to. This time is calling us to a new vision of thinking, being and living. Boldly we must go forward into the future, whatever it may be, whatever we are being called to do. We should use this opportunity to ready ourselves for this new challenge. The Prairie will open its doors on August 1st. Check our web calendar for online and in-person retreats!

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A Common Purpose for our Common Home

October 31, 2019   |   Sr. Johanna Rickl, CHM

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” These words by St. Teresa speak to our amnesia of our interconnectedness. The fact is that our lives are intertwined in a myriad of ways. Liberals and conservatives, Trump supporters and impeachment advocates, the rich and the poor — we all breathe the same air, depend on the same economy and eat food from the same Earth. I am a Catholic religious sister, and my faith keeps me hopeful that we will regain our sense of togetherness. I have come to see that climate change, which has been one of our more polarized issues, is now a reality that is catalyzing a common purpose among us.

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Caring for our common home: Faith and business leaders share insights on stewardship of earth

October 3, 2019   |   Barb Arland-Fye

Caring for our common home: Faith and business leaders share insights on stewardship of earth.

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Celebrating Spiritual Space

August 22, 2019   |   Barb Arland-Fye

The Prairie, which straddles Scott and Clinton counties along the Wapsipinicon River, abounds with wild flowers, native grass prairie woodland and rolling hills. Pollinator strips line either side of the entrance road where monarch butterflies flit to and fro. A sitting area with benches and shade trees overlooks the Prairie’s pond. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary adds to the sense of spirituality. A rock garden swale takes an artistic approach to erosion control.

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LCWR Calls for End to Gun Violence

August 8, 2019   |   Sister Annmarie Sanders, IHM; LCWR Director of Communications

The recent mass shootings in our country impel us to once again beg all citizens and all elected leaders to end the rampant rage and division that have overpowered the nation and too often result in mass, indiscriminate violence. We are a nation that promises a life free from fear, and yet we seem unable to stop the epidemic of hate that has overwhelmed us. As we have been carrying in our own hearts the pain being endured by families who have lost loved ones and those wounded through gun violence, we bring in as well those impacted by these latest attacks.

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Humility Homes & Services introduces new executive director

June 27, 2019   |   By Barb Arland-Fye and Elizabeth Starr The Catholic Messenger

“Today we thank you especially for Ashley Velez, our HHSI executive director, as she continues to strengthen the web of relationships that encourages generous community members to share expertise, time and resources in response to challenges faced by sisters and brothers in our community who experience homelessness….”

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CHM Sisters Celebrate Jubilees

June 20, 2019   |   Lisa Martin

The Congregation of the Humility of Mary (CHM) announces the 2019 jubilees of these members of the CHM congregation.

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Conversations at The Prairie

March 28, 2019   |   Barb Arland-Fye

Catholics celebrate Mass with exuberance in Nigeria, he said. They dance, sing a lot and are receptive to longer homilies. If a priest in Africa preaches for only 10 to 15 minutes, people ask, “What’s wrong with Father?” That’s the reverse here, he said Bishop Martin Amos (now retired) told him.

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CHMS Among Iowa Landowners Honored at State Capital

March 14, 2019   |   Rowan McMullen Cheng

CHMs Among Iowa Landowners Honored at State Capital - “Gift to Iowa’s Future Day is a special moment for all of us,” said INHF President Joe McGovern. “It’s important that we take the time to recognize and celebrate the generosity of these donors. It’s truly an honor to work with landowners that provide wild places for our future generations."

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"Listen Up!’ Sisters of the Upper Mississippi River Valley say

March 7, 2019   |   Anne Marie Amacher

That got her to thinking about the possibility of collaboration between women religious and Azubuike African American Council for the Arts. Could they work together for the celebration of National Sisters Week — March 8-14? The answer to her question ultimately led to the campaign “Listen Up,” sponsored by Catholic Sisters of the Upper Mississippi River Valley. The campaign features three, 60-second videos directed and produced by Azubuike using local teenage and adult actors. Sister Johanna Rickl, vice president of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary, said the message is meaningfully communicated through the creative assistance of Azubuike. “We found a voice to help deliver the message of unity,” Sr. Rickl said. “Azubuike’s mission is to reconcile racial divides and to spark a much larger conversation about race relations in the Quad Cities through the arts. We are grateful to them and their actors and crew, many of whom are at-risk youth, for their help.”

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Journalist to Bishops: We will be 'worst enemies' if you cover up abuse

February 27, 2019   |   Valentina Alazraki

I would like that on this occasion the Church play offense and not defense, as has happened in the case of the abuse of minors. It could be a great opportunity for the Church to take the initiative and be on the forefront of denouncing these abuses, which are not only sexual but also abuses of power.

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Q-C nonprofits attack human trafficking

February 8, 2019   |   Jonathan Turner

“One of the things we hear most often when we go and speak in the community is that people don't believe human trafficking exists here in the Quad-Cities,” Ann Mohr, president of the 10-year-old organization, said. It does and must be addressed, she noted.

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