Sister Marilyn Berger, PhD

Currently Serving

I believe, as did Carl Jung, that people are basically good, given the right environment, they are naturally inclined towards wholeness. I also believe, as research has shown, that it is the therapeutic relationship, over and above any particular mode of treatment, that determines the extent to which a person will "get well." And I am a relationship builder.

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Kevin Bissell

November 26, 1926 - March 31, 2017   |   Passed On

Sr. Kevin said that at some time she taught every subject except commercial courses, music and modern languages. She did community development work among Eskimo communities in the Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska, and her organizing skills were applied to the design and implementation of large scale international research projects. Sr. Kevin had a wonderful sense of humor, often resulting in laughter from a table in the dining room. She was a voracious reader and watchdog of TV news. On occasion she shared her knowledge of political history with the congregation and through letters to the editor.

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Sister Mary Bernard Bowers

August 3, 1920 - April 18, 2007   |   Passed On

Among her special memories was a wild ride shared with Sister Mary Cecilia and a good Monsignor just learning to drive, giving another Monsignor’s dog a very large piece of chewy, caramel candy to keep his mouth occupied in order to protect her Christmas ornaments, walking to the Ursuline Academy Junior College from Sacred Heart Convent in thirty degree below zero weather with only a black shawl for warmth, and a highlight to be sure was her Marian year trip to Europe in 1988.

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Sister Marilyn Brinker

May 19, 1943 - April 4, 2015   |   Passed On

It involved following one’s intuition, feelings, and inner spirit...It meant trusting one’s openness in ministry while celebrating life experiences...It demanded discerning decisions, managing difficult choices, taking risks for the good of the whole, while being guided by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Sister Mary John Byers

February 4, 1917 - June 7, 2007   |   Passed On

Sr. Mary John was instrumental in establishing the Humility House of Prayer on a Marycrest College site located on 10th Street in Davenport. When in 1976 the site was needed for other purposes, she moved to Ottumwa and started a prayer center at the motherhouse at Ottumwa Heights that also brought participants from the Ottumwa parishes. In 1982, when Ottumwa Heights was sold to Indian Hills Community College, Sister was undaunted in continuing her prayer ministry and came with the sisters to Davenport where she continued her work at Project Renewal living in Davenport’s Central City.

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Sister Margaret Maureen Carroll

July 7, 1921 - July 28, 2011   |   Passed On

In the Gospel reading for the Mass of the Sacred Heart, Jesus says, `Come to me all you who labor and are burdened, and you will find rest for yourselves.` Sister knew from a very young age what it meant to be burdened, but she also knew the rest provided by a mother who refused to give up on life.

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Sister Camille Clark

September 26, 1927 - December 25, 2011   |   Passed On

I am sure all of you can agree that she was indeed a fun nun! One of her favorite lines was "I tell everything I know and a little more besides."

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Ann Therese Collins

April 6, 1920 - February 26, 2017   |   Passed On

But perhaps even more a mirror of her life are these words from Mary Nolan, OP. "There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the sun. The early ages of life are filled with wonder and discovery. The later age of life is the time of integration. It is a time to bring together the totality of life’s experiences into a dazzling unity of joy and pain, failure and success, gain and loss, giving and receiving, achievement and struggle. All comes together in gratitude, gratitude for the whole adventure of one’s life.

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Sister Mary Frances Comito

April 6, 1919 - November 11, 2007   |   Passed On

`Frannie Lou` as she was affectionately known to her sister’s in religion, is remembered by those who lived with her as a very even-tempered, positive person who was particularly kind and generous to those less fortunate whether in learning ability or in material goods. Always devoted to her family, visiting became easier when she got her little car. The sisters could always count on her to give them a lift to wherever they needed to go.

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Sister Maxine Connaway

October 3, 1929 - March 5, 2015   |   Passed On

What comes out is the wonderful life of service of a very committed woman. Her Irish wit was used well throughout her life..

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Sister Martha Mary Conrad

August 13, 2015 - May 8, 2016   |   Passed On

In March of 1980, when Sister Marty Conrad was named “Citizen of the Week” in Somerset, KY, she was described as an “angel of mercy”. What a beautiful title for our sister who has now joined...

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Sister Marcia Marie Costello

October 19, 1931 - June 3, 2015   |   Passed On

She said that she knew from age 10 that she was going to be a sister but she had three things on her “bucket list” before entering: to complete a degree, to date a nice Catholic young man and have a good time, and to ride to the convent in a Cadillac. In 1953, with a degree from Marycrest College, and having dated a Catholic man for more than two years, her father bought a “baby-blue” Cadillac in which she rode to the Humility of Mary motherhouse in Ottumwa on September 8.

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Sister Becky Dobbels

October 9, 1956 - November 25, 2007   |   Passed On

Sister Becky always appeared to me as a courageous traveler whether it was pursuing her ministry in such a high stress area of medicine, coming to Davenport in all kinds of weather to participate in CHM activities, going home for family celebrations, or hitting the road in the camper for vacations.

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Sister Donna Donovan

Currently Serving

As I take communion to shut-ins, I ask them to offer prayer intentions which is enriching for me. Ministry of prayer for me is multifaceted: private, one-on-one and communal. I feel ministry of prayer is a ministry of care.

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Sister Mary Lou Durbala

March 10, 1929 - February 18, 2012   |   Passed On

We can see that Sister Mary Lou through her many years of teaching fanned the Humility flame in many diverse places.

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