Maribeth Takessmall

Sister Maribeth Takes

May 28, 1927 - May 11, 2020   |   Passed On

Sister Maribeth is remembered as doing everything she undertook to perfection. One person commented that she never heard her complain. She was an excellent reading teacher and loved her students.

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Nehus M

Sister Marianne Nehus

December 23, 1952 - May 10, 2020   |   Passed On

Sister was involved for many years with the Animal Aid Humane Society, eventually becoming the executive director of the AAHS shelter in Moline, IL. She was honored by Governor Vilsack for her service on the Disabilities Policy Council in 2006.

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Restelli Rosalind

Sister Rosalind Restelli

Currently Serving

Sr. Rosalind was also a pastoral minister at St. Patrick Parish in Neola. She was the last Sister of Humility to serve in Neola, Iowa, having ministered there for 37 years.

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Linnenkamp Catherine

Sister Catherine Linnenkamp

Currently Serving

Her ministry as assistant registrar at Marycrest College began in 1986. She then became registrar at Teikyo/Marycrest University.

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Sister Mary Bea Snyder

Currently Serving

video produced in 2019 Sr. Mary Bea Snyder was elected to the CHM Leadership Team serving the years 2022-2026. She...

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Ven Horst Mary St John

Sister Mary St. John (Emma) Ven Horst

July 12, 1908 - July 17, 1996   |   Passed On

Sister St. John was a whirlwind of energy who brought together the first string ensemble at Ottumwa Heights College...

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Melroy Francesmarie

Sister Frances Marie (Ellen) Melroy

April 2, 1909 - October 17, 1991   |   Passed On

After teaching for five years, she took nurse's training at St. Joseph Hospital, Ottumwa, where she was pediatric nurse, clinical instructor and supervisor of nurses for almost 20 years. There, she invented a special oxygen mask and nipple for children with cleft palates.

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Doyle Maryfrancestherese

Sister Mary Frances Therese (Rosalie) Doyle

February 12, 1906 - December 14, 1965   |   Passed On

She was a talented music teacher for all grades.

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Walsh Maryantoinette

Sister Mary Antoinette (Anna) Walsh

July 31, 1884 - February 3, 1966   |   Passed On

Sister was the first of three Walsh sisters to join the Congregation of the Humility of Mary. Throughout her life she was a teacher in public and parochial schools staffed by CHMs.

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Mataya Mary Martina Jennie

Sister Mary Martina (Jennie) Mataya

May 7, 1915 - October 28, 1997   |   Passed On

Sister was an excellent science teacher and often received recognition of such.

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Gordon Mary Jerome

Sister Mary Jerome (Theresa) Gordon

June 26, 1890 - September 28, 1987   |   Passed On

She taught upper grades and commercial subjects in high school, then in later years, was librarian. Sister Jerome had a remarkable sense of humor, loved people, disliked routine and enjoyed travel.

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Elwood Raecropped

Sister Rae Elwood

Currently Serving

Sr. Rae served as the vice-president of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary. She then served in Davenport as dean of admissions at Marycrest College, academic advisor at Marycrest International University, supportive living coordinator at the Humility of Mary Center, volunteer coordinator at CASI and a counselor in her private practice – Elwood Support Services.

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Heidenry Pat2

Sister Pat Heidenry

Currently Serving

Sr. Pat received a BA in elementary education from Briar Cliff College and later a pastoral ministry certificate from Seattle University.

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Schierbrock Marilyncropped

Sister Marilyn Schierbrock

April 27, 1939 - February 28, 2022   |   Passed On

​For many years Sr. Marilyn was a neighborhood advocacy coordinator for John Lewis Community Service in Davenport, Iowa.​

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Orozco L Small

Sister Luz María Orozco y Aragón

November 3, 1933 - September 13, 2021   |   Passed On

She has been a visiting professor in the English Department at several colleges and universities including Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Sr. Luz María received the Teaching Excellence Award from the Independent Higher Education Foundation. She served as a translator, proofreader, editor, writer for several organizations and volunteered as a substitute teacher in Spanish at Assumption High School in Davenport, Iowa

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