Geiger Toni2

Sister Mary Antonette "Toni" Geiger

June 8, 1917 - February 9, 2006   |   Passed On

Sr. Toni's early ministry was teaching primary grades in all of the CHM schools in Montana with special emphasis on art and music.

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Sister Mary of the Cross (Nancy Antoinette) Heafy

December 24, 1871 - January 22, 1961   |   Passed On

Sister was always quiet, unassuming and a very prayerful person, generous to a fault. For over 50 years she was engaged in domestic service at St. Vincent Home and St. Ambrose College in Davenport.

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Gallagher Annette Jpg

Sister May Annette (Armina) Gallagher

November 10, 1924 - January 24, 2010   |   Passed On

She was an excellent American history teacher, both admired and loved by her students. For many years she worked closely with the alumni and was instrumental in developing a strong Marycrest Alumni Association.

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Hayes Mary Vincent Jpg

Sister Mary Vincent (Mary) Hayes

June 16, 1897 - January 31, 1984   |   Passed On

When she was 29-years-old, she joined the Irish women who came as missionaries to Great Falls, Montana upon the invitation of Mother Mary Francis Mangan.

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Hansen Mary Stephen Jpg

Sister Mary Stephen (Clara) Hanson

July 22, 1896 - May 4, 1978   |   Passed On

She taught grade and high school for 50 years. Her hobbies were embroidery, reading and doing challenging puzzles. Sister had a sense of humor and a great spirit of prayer

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Sister Mary Matilda Herber

September 14, 1890 - June 24, 1972   |   Passed On

During her active years, and more so upon retirement, she gathered gifts and took them to nursing homes and needy people.

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Schuh Dolores

Sister Dolores Schuh

Currently Serving

Sister Dolores Schuh lives at the Humility of Mary Center but she is not retired! She does proofreading for Liturgical Press, knits dishcloths for gifts , and is a pen pal with a death row inmate. She is also a writer.

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Hazard Mary Berchmans

Sister Mary Berchmans Hazard

December 15, 1888 - January 31, 1984   |   Passed On

In addition to over 60 years of teaching including 24 years as political science instructor at Ottumwa Heights College, she also taught summer school nearly every year for 40 years, two of which were spent teaching African American children in Mississippi.

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Patik Claire Marie

Sister Claire Marie Patik

June 26, 1919 - April 3, 2005   |   Passed On

Sr. Claire Marie answered a request from her missionary priest brother to come to Papua, New Guinea and minister to the people there. This fulfilled a childhood dream nurtured since grade school. Sister was responsible not only for teaching but writing and printing textbooks for her students.

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Wight Mary St Charles

Sister Marie Wight

January 15, 1927 - May 24, 1994   |   Passed On

Besides being a teacher, she also served as a creative principal. Her last 20 years were spent in the foothills of Lewistown, MT ministering to her beloved elderly and caring for her many animals

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1feehan Lucille

Sister Lucille Feehan

February 7, 1937 - August 4, 2020   |   Passed On

Sister is remembered fondly for her love of sewing, her generosity, and her Irish humor; admittedly, her laughter got her into trouble from time to time. Reflecting on the ups and downs of religious life, Sister Lucille declared that “it takes both the thorn and the blossom to make a beautiful rose.”

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Vittetoe Marie

Sister Marie Vittetoe

May 19, 1927 - July 31, 2020   |   Passed On

She was volunteer clinical laboratory consultant to Hospital Sacre Coeur Laboratory in Milot, Haiti, training technicians and facilitating a new clinical laboratory with automated instruments. She also served as a volunteer consultant and teacher for other labs in Haiti, and as curriculum consultant for the MT Educational Project at the National Public Health Laboratory of Haiti.

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Schwieters Nancy

Nancy Schwieters

Currently Serving

Sister Nancy served with John Lewis Community Services as a job connect and computer lab mentor. She continued that ministry with Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc. in Davenport

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Carrara J

Judith Carrara

Currently Serving

Her work in Davenport included social work/case management coordinator at Center for Aging Services (CASI); elder services program director at Friendly House; and supportive services coordinator to older residents for Signature Management.

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Rachel Beeson

Currently Serving

She was a member of the Seeds of Hope team in Davenport, matching volunteers with opportunities to serve the homeless, migrants and refugees, inner- city children and the elderly.

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