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A Time to Heal, to Help, to Forgive

December 9, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

Pope Francis has declared December 8, 2015, through November 20, 2016, the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. He is inviting all of us to see with eyes of mercy. In a world where millions of...

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You Mean Nuns Can't Communicate for Themselves?

November 11, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

People do not realize that the CHM religious community like most businesses, requires professional assistance with materials that provide information to the CHM sisters, their staff, friends, donors,...

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Embodiment of Christ Doesn't Require a Habit

October 13, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

Shame on anyone who questions faith based on apparel. The CHM Sisters, as did many other communities, did not start out wearing habits. They were wearing the clothes of poor women so as to blend in...

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Becoming the Heart of the Universe

September 10, 2015   |   M Johanna Rickl

It seems that in our culture many believe humans are the center of creation, separate from all the rest. This prevents us from recognizing our role as part of creation and keeps us from seeing how we...

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Sister Marian gets an "A"

August 11, 2015   |   Mary Rehmann

Sr. Elizabeth and I give Sr. Marian an A for community-building – with her CHM sisters and her hometown friends in Erie.

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The Youngest Nun: Life Transformed

July 21, 2015   |   Lynn Mousel

Having never witnessed such an event, I wasn’t about to miss it. For two hours I watched intently as the chrysalis continuously changed ever so slightly, getting closer and closer to the anticipated...

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What hasn't changed in 100 years?

June 11, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

The photographs above were taken 100 years apart. So very much has changed in that time. What I know that has not changed is the devotion of consecrated lives focused on prayer, service and community.

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Mother Teresa of the Latinos

May 13, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

Sister Molly is the Angel of the Field bringing with her the Word of God and changing the battered faces of migrant farmers into faces of hope and encouragement.

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Holy Communicator!

April 10, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

Standing at a a podium in front of overr 100 nuns I was just a tad bit nervous. I was their newly hired, non-catholic communications director and my start date was a month away.

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A Selfie with Sister Pat

March 11, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

Currently we are in the 5th month of YCO and the 2nd week of NWHM which is also officially NCSW. Did you get all that?

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Lenten Prayer Power

January 30, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

As the Season of Lent draws near, retired Sisters of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary living at Humility of Mary Center in Davenport prepare to celebrate in a variety of ways.

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Everyone is "The Exception"

January 13, 2015   |   Lisa Martin

Sister Nancy says it is difficult to face the very real pain that some of our guests at Humility of Mary Shelter deal with on a daily basis. For her, it can help to put it in the words of a poem.

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