Sister Mary Berchmans Hazard

December 15, 1888 - January 31, 1984   |   Passed On

In addition to over 60 years of teaching including 24 years as political science instructor at Ottumwa Heights College, she also taught summer school nearly every year for 40 years, two of which were spent teaching African American children in Mississippi.

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Sister Mary Antoinette (Anna) Walsh

July 31, 1884 - February 3, 1966   |   Passed On

Sister was the first of three Walsh sisters to join the Congregation of the Humility of Mary. Throughout her life she was a teacher in public and parochial schools staffed by CHMs.

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Sister Mary Frances Therese (Rosalie) Doyle

February 12, 1906 - December 14, 1965   |   Passed On

She was a talented music teacher for all grades.

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